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English edition of "Grimm's World" e-book is offered at special price of 0.99 € on Amazon Kindle Store

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When reality meets fantasy there is only one way to get it out: with



Welcome to this exciting new series of novels, where you too will get to meet the K-TEAM.


A group of friends is grappling with the arcane and shocking properties of an ancient artefact: an object of incredible power, which will cast them  into irrational situations putting at risk their minds and bodies as well as their friendships, while at the same time obscure presences will try to invade and overturn the very fabric of our reality.


K-TEAM reinvents the fantasy genre, venturing into paradoxical situations on the edge between thriller and horror. The first story of the series, “Grimm’s World”, is already  available on Amazon Kindle Store.  A sequel “The Light of a Thousand Suns” will follow shortly.

About the author: Antonino Minissale

Antonino Minissale was born in Rome in 1958.
He is an electronic engineer, passionate about everything that is science, technology, cinema, video games and comics. After astronomy and cosmology treatises, he is now engaged in writing fantastic literature.

                                                                                                                                   International book fair in Frankfurt

K-Team will be present with "Grimm's World" novel into the international book fair Frankfurter Buchmesse, the world's most important marketplace for printed and digital content.

Visit stand 4.1 L70 from October, 10th to 14th or stay tuned to K-Team's facebook page to get news and updates about the event and enjoy the fantastic world of K-Team.



The novels



The first novel of K-Team saga, “Grimm’s World”, is now available on Amazon!

The sequel, “The Light of Thousand Suns” is under translation, and should be published at the end of the current year (2019).

English edition of "Grimm's World" e-book is offered at special price of 0.99 € on Amzon Kindle Store.

Visit the "Shop" section of this website.

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