Hello Antonino, would you like to introduce yourself with a few words?

First of all, a greeting to all of you. I introduce myself, I am Antonino Minissale, and I am an electronic engineer specialized in telecommunications. In addition to my exciting job I still cultivate many other hobbies, so much so that I am passionate about everything that is science, technology, computer science, cinema. For some time, however, I have also discovered the beauty of inventing stories thus giving free surge to my imagination, and above all the taste of being able to give a concrete form to these stories, reporting them on paper. Today, describing the dialogue between two or more characters is certainly the thing I find more exciting.


What led you to write?

Could we say, a bet with myself? Everything started three years ago, when my wife urged me to try this path convinced that I could make it: unlike me, since I felt very skeptical about it. I don’t know from where derived such confidence, in fact I had previously only dealt with some scientific publications, very far from the pure narrative genre. However, following her insistent exhortation, I made this bet against my presumed dialectical talents, to show their inconsistency.

I betted ... and I lost! My wife was right. Since then the idea of ​​the K-Team novels series was born, of which The Grimm’s World is today only the first chapter.


Do you like reading? What kind of literature doesn’t lack on your bedside table?

Of course yes. Although since childhood I've always been a true comic-book devotee I also read several novels, always preferring the genres of action, adventure, thriller and of course fantasy. And so it’s been for my K-Team series, which is based on a rather dark fantasy but set in our days, both in the dark sides of urban jungles and in other gloomy, impossible worlds that the curious reader can gradually discover.


Describe your real and ideal library to your reader.

My ideal library includes all the genres listed above: so there will never be missing authors such as Ken Follet, John Grisham, Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, Stephen King, Dan Brown. Whereas in terms of fantasy, I definitely pay special attention to Terry Brooks, J.R. Tolkien and of course J.K. Rowling. As well as many others that I don’t even remember now.


Would you define yourself more writer or more reader?

Even today that I get excited with the adventures of my K-Team, I still define myself more as a reader than a writer. In fact, I write just for fun, a fantastic fun that is then to be able to tell a story! But reading instead, particularly the works of true established authors like those I previously mentioned, that is the real great emotion. And you can only learn from them. I read them even more than once some of their novels!


For an author who in life also does another job and frequents different environments, what does it mean to write and what is it like to be called an Author?


It's totally different from everything! Knowing that someone else is reading what I wrote, especially if he is a stranger, really fills me with a great emotion. I couldn’t explain it better, it's a feeling that you have to live to understand it. But don’t call me Author, it embarrasses me: I'm just Antonino, and I still think of myself as an amateur of narrative. Although until a while ago I wouldn’t have believed I could get to this point. Clearly the bet ... goes on!


How have you met the NeP editions?

The answer is simple: through internet! For an internet user like me it’s a real pleasure to browse within the varied world of publishing houses, and in the end I made my choice. And I chose NeP! After all, today we can do almost everything with internet! The K-Team Series itself couldn’t have been born without internet, and always thanks to the internet today the K-Team also has this website and a dedicated Facebook page.


How was your book project born after the first contact with the NeP editions?

K-Team’s first book was ready before contacting NeP. As I said, I first started writing for a bet and for fun. Only after the story was finished I started looking for a publisher. And now ... here we are.


Would you have imagined finding your book at the Turin International Book Fair?

Never. I never would have thought it. It’s a real thrill to know that today, thanks to NeP, K-Team - The Grimm’s World is presented at the Turin Book Fair. Will it be liked, won’t it be? Who knows. But even if it won’t be approved by the public, it will be equally a great, beautiful experience, it will always be worth it!


What would you say to a hypothetical reader to convince him to buy your book?

Well, here I enjoy myself. So, let's try then ... like this:

"You come too, oh reader, in my fantasy world. Walk on the path that I have opened for you. But pay attention to the missteps: because once you enter the Grimm’s world, it will be very easy for you to lose control and run into situations outside of any logical context.

Outside of that reality you've always been used to.

Be aware that in my world the danger is lurking and can be hidden in many, apparently harmless, forms: but for this reason, even more untrustworthy and lethal. However you will see that in the moment of need you can ask the help of a team of really special friends:


the friends of the K-Team!


I wait for you!”

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