K-Team Saga

“K-Team” is a saga made up of a series of novels, all linked together by a single common thread: the properties of an ancient artifact, an object of incredible power which will upset the quiet lives of a group of friends, leading them to face paradoxical situations, on the verge of irrationality. And their lives will no longer be the same from now on.




“Grimm’s World” is the first novel of K-Team Saga. The english version, translated by Sarah Jane Nodes, is published on Amazon and will can be ordered both in paper format and e-book.



Visit the page dedicated to "K-Team: Grimm's World"



“The Light of Thousand Suns” is the sequel to “Grimm’s World”, and sees the friends of the K-Team still struggling with the arcane object that caused them so much trouble in such a short time. Also the completion of this story is expected shortly, and so is its distribution.



Visit the page dedicated to "The Light of Thousand Suns"

In the next future, further two or three novels are expected in addition to those mentioned. Stay tuned for any news and keep following us.

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